NUTROGENE Fertilizers Reduces Nitrous Oxide Emissions

Nitrous oxide is emitted not only from industrial areas, transportation but in agriculture as well. In agriculture, nitrous oxide is emitted when Nitrogen is applied to the soil (predominantly through the continuous use of nitrogen based fertilizers). Nitrogen is absorbed by the plants but most of it is lost through Volatilization, Nitrification, Runoff (into waterways) and Leaching. Volatilization accounts for as high as 50% of the total N applied (Harisson and Webb, 2001; Cai et al., 2002).

Nitrous oxides enhances the greenhouse effect with a global warming potential of up to 300 times greater than that of carbon dioxide (CO2) over a spread of 100 years (Forster et al. 2007).

NUTROGENE Fertilizers (with Nitrogen Stabilizers) hold the Nitrogen longer in soil, giving the plants ample time and more opportunity to absorb as much Nitrogen as they can.

NUTROGENE Fertilizers help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by limiting nitrous oxide emissions by preventing nitrogen volatilization.

The use of NUTROGENE Fertilizers further help reduce over-usage of nitrogen based fertilizers by farmers, thereby helping them minimize expenditures on fertilizers.



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