NUTROGENE Fertilizers Reduces Nitrous Oxide Emissions

Nitrous oxide is emitted not only from industrial areas, transportation but in agriculture as well. In agriculture, nitrous oxide is emitted when Nitrogen is applied to the soil (predominantly through the continuous use of nitrogen based fertilizers). Nitrogen is absorbed by the plants but most of it is lost through Volatilization, Nitrification, Runoff (into waterways) and Leaching. Volatilization accounts for as high as 50% of the total N applied (Harisson and Webb, 2001; Cai et al., 2002).

Nitrous oxides enhances the greenhouse effect with a global warming potential of up to 300 times greater than that of carbon dioxide (CO2) over a spread of 100 years (Forster et al. 2007).

NUTROGENE Fertilizers (with Nitrogen Stabilizers) hold the Nitrogen longer in soil, giving the plants ample time and more opportunity to absorb as much Nitrogen as they can.

NUTROGENE Fertilizers help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by limiting nitrous oxide emissions by preventing nitrogen volatilization.

The use of NUTROGENE Fertilizers further help reduce over-usage of nitrogen based fertilizers by farmers, thereby helping them minimize expenditures on fertilizers.


Fighting Crop Malnutrition

We at BULWARC Technologies, Incorporated are working together with the local farmers and vegetable growers fight crop malnutrition by introducing quality products that can assure them of a return on their investments. Today we are launching our organic Microbial Inoculant designed to protect every crop against soil borne diseases.

Introducing our very own BIOZIM Microbial Inoculant – 100% organic. One of BIOZIM’s specialty is the control of Fusarium Wilt in tomatoes, eggplants and other crops. Biozim does not only protect these crops but helps them produce more marketable fruits that are uniform in size. It also increases the number of pickings per growing cycle.

For more information, you can email us at or call us at +6349 576 1460 so we can create a sustainable solution for a better quality and better yield.

The Acadian Bioswitch Technology

Finally, a breakthrough in providing “Solutions for Better Quality, Better Yield” by addressing crop malnutrition. Bulwarc Technologies, Incorporated has officially partnered with the experts, Acadian Seaplants, Limited of Nova Scotia, Canada. Now, Filipino Farmers have a new tool to fight crop malnutrition. A new Hope for agriculture.

A Proprietary technology developed by Acadian Seaplants, Limited, the BioSwitch Technology helps plants fight environmental stresses. This is the Future of Philippine Agriculture Today!

Certified organic by globally accrediting organizations, TOGGLE BioStimulants will soon be available in the Philippine market.

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